For many of us, as the summer heat increases so do the influx of events, parties, and holiday celebrations we have to navigate. Let’s get to the point, often these types of celebrations are filled with f-words– friends, family, fun and lots of FOOD!! Ice cream, cake, barbecue, potato salad, chips and dip; the list of delicious summertime favorites is extensive. No one particular food is necessarily ‘bad,’ or ‘off-limits,’ but it can be easier to over-indulge on less than healthy choices or amounts of these treats when we are caught up in the moment of celebrating with others. Repeatedly getting to that overly-full point can leave us feeling sluggish, uncomfortable, and can derail our health and fitness goals if it becomes a normal occurrence and not just an occasional oversight.

For those who are trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, there can be a lot of stress that accompanies attendance to a party or celebration piling onto the anxiety already present. This combination can possibly influence behavior related to food choices and intake.

Instead of avoiding fun times with loved ones altogether, there are some easy ways to avoid overindulgence, support your health and goals and still enjoy yourself!

One great strategy for healthfully navigating summer celebrations is to start implementing mindfulness! In my most recent Tri-Cities Health and Wellness Magazine article I give my top 5 mindfulness tips to use while attending these parties and get-togethers. Implementing these tips will leave you with a greater peace of mind around food, but also help you better focus on connecting with friends and family around you. After all, the real purpose for attending most any get-together is for celebrating with the people there, not be a battle of what you should and should not eat.

My hope for this article is that it will remind you of some gentle ways to soak up every minute of fun in the sun with loved ones while helping you stay on track with your nutritional health and vibrant life. If you’d like to learn more mindfulness techniques or general health and wellness tips, feel free to comment, contact or connect with me!

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