Ready to change your thoughts and habits around food and health?

We are one week into the New Year and most of us are still recovering from back-to-back family dinners, decadent holiday treats and beverages, bubbly cocktails and some serious lounging time. As 2019 begins, there’s no doubt that you might be feeling less than stellar.

Have you secretly vowed to make changes (again) for the new year? Or maybe you are starting to feel that familiar sense of dread, guilt, or frustration creeping in as you think about your history of trying to stick to those resolutions or what that may look like this year. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s right, there is hope and it’s in your hands—and on your plate—by the choices you make with every meal, every day!

Why can’t 2019 be the year you invest in yourself? Step away from self-punishment, restriction and deprivation. Step away from the rabbit hole of the internet, the marketing of the infomercials and start first by changing your mindset of what change may look like. Do you desire to feel better, participate in life and are ready to embrace the possibilities positive change can bring physically AND emotionally? What are you waiting for? Step away from the diet mentality and start living fully!!

Did you know that there are currently over sixty-seven (67!) fad diets out there… not counting the Paelo, Ketogenic, whole-30, and numerous other recent fad diets and one-off books from the last year or two! Our culture is OBSESSED with ‘diets’ and ‘dieting’ and yet we are one of the unhealthiest developed nations in the world. What is happening?

Most of these diets are not going to work long-term because they are not sustainable (hello immediate weight loss in 1-2 months, hello weight gain over the next year or two). Often they are not pleasant (pre-packaged foods, restrictive, omission of entire food groups), enjoyable, affordable, or evidence-based, but most importantly they are not tailored to your specific needs. You are an individual with individual needs. Just as your eyeglass prescription, shoe size and genetic predisposition is not like any other person’s- similar, maybe, but not the same, your unique needs cannot be addressed by a blanket diet for the masses.

Save money and valuable time from the gimmicks and heartache, muffle the noise of the diet culture by understanding what your body needs, what feels good to you, what works for your budget, lifestyle, medical condition. Stop obsessing, start living. Start by hitting the ‘refresh’ button by working with an integrative dietitian. Why? Because together we dig deeper, we peel back the complex layers of metabolism, human behavior and physiological needs in an array of areas, looking at the whole person using a holistic approach. As a dietitian, I address diet–the true meaning of the word–based on your individual needs. Together, we will talk about the psychology of choices and barriers within your environment, as well as what is happening metabolically, genetically, socially and physiologically.

Weight is only one factor in an assessment, not the end all, be all. It is also not a defining factor of a person, of success or any other measure people often tie to it. It’s time to let go of the chain to the scale and numbers and really understand what health and your goals are, not society’s expectations. You are a person first and foremost with a lot to offer the world. There just may be some opportunities for dietary and lifestyle modifications that affect your body, mind and spirit, once addressed, ultimately allowing you to be your best self. Health is so much more than the absence of disease. I am here to help navigate you through with nutrition and insight. Thrive!

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