For millions of Americans, summer is the time to get away. Whether it’s to the mountains, the beach or a dream all-inclusive European trip of a lifetime- most families take a week or so to travel for some rest and relaxation. For many, this R&R time includes an abundance of indulgent food and drinks. Food is an amazing way to connect and celebrate on vacation through the exploration of local cuisine or just simply gathering around a table with family and friends, however too many trips to the buffet, nightly calls to room service and endless margaritas can add up quickly. These exotic and decadent treats can become an excess of fat, sugar, or both, leaving you feeling sluggish, bloated, or simply uncomfortable in your body. A definite vacation dampener.

This doesn’t have to be the way it unfolds though. Just like in day to day life, balancing indulgent meals with adequate hydration, activity, and nutrient-dense food can provide a much more enjoyable vacation and physical state.

For those individuals making some changes to achieve or maintain a healthier lifestyle, vacations can bring some anxiety. Stress of weight gain, overeating, lack of movement, or lack of control over food availability can be just a few of the concerning factors. However, being hyper-focused and restrictive can also sabotage the spontaneous fun and comfort of enjoying the atmosphere and offerings. Everyone needs to find their own middle-ground ideally somewhere between excess and obsessiveness.

In July’s edition of Tri-Cities Health and Wellness Magazine I discuss my personal tips for how to enjoy vacation while without stressing over food choices. Healthy travel tips en route to scoping out restaurant choices while once you’re at your destination and everything in between, check out my article to start thinking of ways you can implement a few of these tips on your next vacation.

For more tips and suggestions for healthy travel, feel free to email me or call to set up a consultation today. I’d love to work with you!

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