“From the beginning of my freshman year of high school until I was 22 years old, I struggled with an eating disorder. My habits including severe restriction of food intake, obsessive amounts of exercise, binging, purging, and taking laxatives were hidden to most and provided a sense of control in my abusive home environment and life in which seemed to be constantly spinning.

It was not until about a year ago, when my body completely crashed and I spent nine days in the hospital, in which this struggle that had reigned my life for many years was finally brought to light. Though it was incredibly painful, I began to deal with the roots of my issues and for the first time I acknowledged I had a problem and needed help. I began meeting very regularly with a counselor and then a few months later, Monique joined my recovery team.

At the time of our first meeting, I was very overwhelmed as my eyes were opened to the depth of damage the eating disorder had done to my body in addition to all the progress I needed to make not only for my immediate life, but also for my future. Although from day one, Monique has been an incredible blessing. She has listened and answered my questions whether on the phone, email or texting in a timely and thorough manner; has provided a plethora of resources including tips, recipes (especially since I have many food allergies and intolerances), and websites to look at; been super flexible and supportive; given accountability and guidance by checking in regularly; helped me to set, achieve and readjust attainable goals as necessary; in addition to continuing to encourage and reassure me time and time again that I am not alone.

With her help, I have been able to acknowledge the eating disorder and yet realize it doesn’t define me any longer. I continue to achieve my goal of consistently eating three well-balanced meals every day, have overcame fears of certain foods or going out to eat and broke habits of counting calories/binging/purging, now eat a variety of foods and am not afraid to try new things! Also I feel 10,000 times better overall. My fingernails are strong and don’t peel as they did before, my hair is thick and healthy, my hormonal system has turned back on after being dormant for many years, I have an overabundance of energy, think clearly and I am even able to exercise again. I am no longer consumed or controlled by food and exercise and have begun to appreciate and love my body for what it can do and how I look, rather than punishing it for what it cannot or what I wish I was.

Words cannot even describe the blessing that Monique has truly been in my eating disorder recovery and I know without a doubt that I would not be where I am today without her. I definitely recommend her to anyone in need of recovering from an eating disorder or those having skewed relationships with food and/or exercise.”

I started working with Monique a year and a half ago and I have learned a lot from her. She has helped me create and follow a diet that best suits my needs, as well as become more aware of what is on my plate.

Living with MS can be a challenge, but Monique taught me to avoid foods that promote inflammation, which resulted in great improvements in my energy levels and mood. This has encouraged me to exercise more regularly and maximize the potential of my body during workouts.

Her approach is comprehensive and focuses on diet as well as lifestyle changes. Her recommendations have not only improved my quality of life, but they have also helped my family live a much healthier lifestyle. We are aware of what goes into our bodies. She has brought the family together in the kitchen and helped us experiment with new flavors and new kinds of foods.

Thanks to her guidance, we have learned how to overcome temptations, and to find healthier alternatives to manage cravings.

Working with Monique has been a journey of continuous learning and improvement, and the more I visit her the greater the impact that her knowledge has in my general health and well-being.

In 2010, Monique and I crossed paths, and we completed our work in the Fall of 2012. Monique’s nature is intense; yet gentle and enlightening. In the 20 years of working (on and off) with women and men in her field; Monique was the first one excited enough to FILL me with the knowledge and science behind our food today (nationally and on a global scale), and to walk me through how the body break its down.

She will guide you as a true Physician, in a holistic and true to earth form.. so can heal the damage you have done. And she will guide/instruct each individual in a way that no other Physician, Holistic Practitioner, and/or registered Dietitian has instructed you before, and she will enlighten your mind away from all the political jargon the food industry has robbed us of. She brings the truth of nutrition to the surface into fruition of today’s world in a manner we can all afford, and LOVE to LIVE by.

Her work is IMPECCABLE. She loves what she does, and lives by it.

Monique is an incredibly knowledgeable professional. I have worked with her for over a year now, and she has drastically improved my nutrition awareness. Monique always comes prepared, is very relatable, and cares deeply about providing resources for her clients. I highly recommend her!
Working with Monique has been one of the best decisions I have ever made to improve my overall health and well being. She has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and equipped me with the tools I needed to recognize what healthy eating truly is. She has transformed from somebody who lived solely on vending machine snacks and fast food, to someone who can recognize and build healthy, practical, simple and delicious meals in my daily life. She has also provided me with strategies to avoid food cravings and handle eating out at restaurants in a healthy and satisfying manner. She approaches her practice in a gentle, caring manner, devoid of any prejudices, and with a goal towards constant improvement. Every time I come out of a meeting with her, I feel like I learned something new about myself or my relationship to food, and like I have improved my understanding of what it means to eat healthy. Thank you Monique for your hard work in helping me become a better version of myself. Highly Recommended.
Working with Monique has changed my life. I actually get excited when my belly growls because it’s another opportunity to eat (and I get to chose whatever that is) and to prove to my body that it is safe and well loved. Monique has been patient, kind and absolutely non judgmental in helping me in my journey. If you’re considering working with an integrative dietician, please consider Monique. It’s been one of the best decisions of my life.