Autumn has arrived, and with it colorful leaves, fresh apples, pumpkin spice, and of course Halloween and the availability of endless sweets and treats!

In my latest article in Health and Wellness Magazine I discuss how to slow down and enjoy the flavors and abundance of the Halloween season through mindful eating. The principles of mindful eating are GREAT tools to pass down to your children and, with Halloween ahead, now is the perfect time to practice building these skills yourself and as a family.

Rather than spend the month riddled with anxiety, restriction and guilt, let’s focus on mindfully savoring the special treats the season has to offer, with positivity and intention.

mindful halloween

My top tips to stay sane with the candy overload this season? Focus on these ideas:

(1) Understand there is no right or wrong way to eat. Everyone has unique needs, preferences, and tastes

(2) Consider which foods are particularly special and nourishing for you. Notice the flavors, smells, and textures you enjoy about these items.

(3) Slow down and savoring your food. Avoid “robotic” or mind-less eating. Chew, and don’t take a second bite until you have swallowed the first.

(4) Stop when you feel full and satisfied. If this feels difficult, cultivate awareness of the barriers to stopping.

(5) Pair and balance seasonal items that are nutritious WITH sweets and treats. Fall is full of nutrient-dense gems like pumpkin, apples, citrus, popcorn, cinnamon and nutmeg. Include all types of seasonal foods during the month.



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