Homemade & Healthy Halloween Alternatives

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the spooky spectacle that is Halloween! But if you’re concerned about going overboard with the treats this year, have no fear! 


While snacking on Halloween candy can quickly exceed the American Heart Association’s recommendation of a 6 teaspoon (30g) added-sugar a day limit for women and a 9 teaspoon (45g) limit a day for men, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the day without sacrificing your hard-earned healthy habits. Check out my tips for a healthier halloween below, and learn more in my latest article in Health & Wellness Magazine.


Choose Fun-Sized Treat Alternatives…

• whole-grain cheddar flavored crackers
• fruit snacks made with 100 percent fruit with added vitamin C
• sugar-free gum
• animal-shaped graham crackers made without trans-fat
• mini rice cereal treat bars
• unsalted bags of pretzels
• popcorn balls
• apples
• tangerines
• raisins

…Or Consider Non-Food Treats

• fun-sized blowing bubbles
• crayons, markers, pens or art supplies
• rubber spider or bat rings
• mini-toy cars
• bouncing balls
• tokens or vouchers for games or to local businesses
• friendship bracelets
• stampers
• stickers
• balloons
• comic books
• water bottles
• toothbrushes
• grab bags made from $1 store items

Though I strongly believe the role of food is nourishment for our bodies, treats have a place too! Just make sure those empty calories and excess sugar from candy do not take the place of important nutrients from whole food.

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