Food and nutrition are the foundation of health and wellness – from preconception all the way throughout the lifespan. Food is the fuel for our bodies — shouldn’t we choose the most protective, beneficial, and efficient fuel available?

The holidays can be a time to indulge in special treats, and there is no substitute for mom or grandma’s tried and true traditional homemade recipes. However, with an open mind, you can “healthify” these classics while still holding onto tradition and flavor. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, my goal is to help you entertain the possibility that healthier options don’t have to be “diet food” and can still provide great taste and enjoyment for the whole family.

My top tips for boosting the nutrition in your holiday favorites?

  • (1) Substitutes

Do a  lot of your recipes call for rich, calorie-dense ingredients like oil, butter, cream, or lard? Pumpkin puree, banana, applesauce, and a little avocado can work as seamless substitutes for the fat in many recipes in baked foods, and desserts. Try broth, stocks, or soup to replace roux or added fat in savory recipes.

In a radio interview with Darrell Moody on WXIS- “LiveWire Radio 103.9″, I discuss some of these!

  • (2) Portion Control

Visual cues and measuring cups can be good places to start to begin to understand target portion sizes and prevent overindulgence.  Check out WebMD’s helpful, interactive guide to portion sizes for every food group, available here.

  • (3) Getting Creative with Herbs & Spices

  • (4) Replace High-Calorie Holiday Sides with Healthier Ones!

    Holiday dishes do not always have to be unhealthy ones! Creating a soup or salad that incorporates seasonal fruits, vegetables, and spices are a great way to keep the delicious, festive holiday flavors without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle.

I discuss some of these on WXIS this month as well!

Want to learn more? Get the full scoop and more on these tips in my latest article in Health and Wellness Magazine!



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