We are now in the throes of the holiday season and all of the excess eating, shopping, drinking that comes with it!

Today, Tuesday December 1, 2015 is #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back and celebrating generosity. It is the perfect time to stop and reflect about food insecurity and the number of people globally, nationally, and in our communities who don’t have enough

Did you know that around 1 in 9 people around the world do not have access to enough food to lead an active healthy life? You may be surprised to learn that food insecurity exists in every county in America, affecting millions of American families and children.

This holiday season, remember that we can take steps towards alleviating food insecurity through helping our neighbors, friends, and community members, both locally and across the globe. As Emerson once said: “The first wealth is health.” Often, it is the most vulnerable populations who experience hunger and food insecurity, and  it can be extra difficult to access to nutritious, healthy food items, especially when many of the staples at food pantries may be highly-processed, high sodium, low nutrient food items. Check out my article in Health and Wellness Magazine for tips on healthier food options you can donate to help those in need.

To find your area food bank click here.

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