The holiday season is nearly upon us! With all the joy, warmth, and family and friends this brings, for many people the holidays can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Holiday meals and parties offer many opportunities for over-eating and over-indulging.

Food is a source of pleasure and an important part of the holidays, and you can still enjoy holiday goodies without derailing your health and well-being. How?

My first “recipe for success” for healthy holiday eating is be prepared!

Don’t come hungry to a holiday meal or gathering (even if you are the host!)–just as we know not to go grocery shopping while on an empty stomach, going to a holiday feast is no different. Have a light snack before a big holiday event so you are neither starving nor stuffed, and can enjoy special foods in moderation.

Secondly, eat mindfully. Savor the texture and subtle flavors of your food before you scarf it down! Chew your food with intention and eat until you feel satisfied. Stop eating before you get a belly-ache (easier said than done!)

To read all my tips for success over the holidays check out my article on “Healthy Eating During the Holiday Season” featured in Health and Wellness Magazine!


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