Summer is coming to a close! There is a whirlwind of chaos coming right around the corner as the new school year approaches – Are you prepared?

Take advantage of the summer months to plan for a healthy, home-made lunch routine that you can stick to in the Fall! You’ll be prioritizing good nutrition before you know it. When cooking and packing meals at home, you get instant quality and portion control, plus a wider variety of nutritious foods to choose from. This generally means fresher, more nourishing meals for you and your family members.

Are you feeling intimidated by those elaborate photos of bento boxed lunches on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram? Have no fear!!

You can craft wholesome lunches in a snap by following this simple and general rule of thumb – the MyPlate methodMyPlate visually divides your plate into quarters. Half your plate (or lunchbox) is made from fruits and vegetables, and the other half is divided into two food groups – 3-4 ounces of lean protein and a serving of (whole) grain. Use this image to plan your food at each meal. You’ll quickly be on the right track to balanced and optimal nutrition! Add plenty of water and a dose of healthy fats, and you and your kids will be properly fueled for work and school!

Find my latest article on making simple and nutritious lunches in Health & Wellness Magazine here, where I outline my favorite healthy lunch ingredients swaps and give you guidance on how to portion, budget, and make eating well more fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Bon Appetit! Lunch