Supplements 101: Vitamins, Minerals, and You! PART I

What are Vitamins and Minerals? We have all read the definition of vitamins and minerals in general health class or anatomy and physiology. Maybe they don’t mean a whole lot and maybe taking biochemistry and understanding the exact mechanism of action like I learned is not on your agenda, and that’s o.k. That is where I can help. What you do need to know on a very basic level is that vitamins and minerals have multiple and varied functions throughout the body and are very important in maintaining and encouraging a healthy system. Vitamins are vital for life and gained their nomenclature from a shortened form of identifying “vital amine” groups.

All vitamins and minerals serve an important purpose or role in our health and systemic functions, but they themselves do not provide calories, and, therefore, do not directly provide energy. Think of them as assistants to our metabolic and systemic functions. For the sake of saving some trees, I am just going to touch base on some especially important ones that we may not be getting enough of, their function, how much we need, and where we can get it. Read full article online at Health and Wellness Magazine.

Supplements 101: Vitamins, Minerals, and You! PART II

Keep these on your radar . . .

  1. Vitamin A (think: promoting eye health)
  2. Zinc (healing, sensory functions, cellular functions)
  3. Magnesium (muscle action, heart health)
  4. Selenium
  5. Co-enzyme Q10 (cellular functions, aids in muscle action, addresses weakness often accompanied from taking statins for high cholesterol)


Read this full article online at Health and Wellness Magazine.