It is almost March of 2016, and you may be noticing that those healthy habits and lifestyle changes you resolved to make for the New Year (like eating more plants!) may quickly be falling by the wayside.

While it often feels like “life can get in the way” of making healthy choices and practicing mindful eating, I have a handy arsenal of tips and tricks that I recommend to clients to help them maintain their healthy lifestyle and diet goals and commitments.

My top 5? Focusing on portion control, food tracking, volume over density, packing in protein punches, and slowing down and savoring.

Did you know? Portion sizes have doubled and quadrupled over the past several decades! Whether eating out or at home, remember visual cues for portions: one serving of meat should be the size of a deck of cards, a serving of grains should be about the size of a baseball, and keep high fat items to the size of your thumb.

Keeping a food log and tracking what you eat may be very helpful for certain individuals to notice eating patterns and figure out potential tweaks and diet changes you are willing to make.

Volume over density is a good way fill up on lots of foods with less calories. Start your meal with a salad or soup, and fill your plate with fruits and veggies to get more food but less caloric density.

For protein, aim for 20 to 30 grams per meal. Protein can help fill you up, but excess protein can burden your body. Focus on lean and plant-based protein sources.

Savoring your food and separating “screen-time” from eating time, slowing down, chewing slowly, and enjoying your food can help tremendously with overeating and weight management.

To get more details about all five of my practical ways to sticking to your healthy lifestyle goals, check out my article in Health and Wellness Magazine here.

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