Fall has arrived, and with it colorful leaves, fresh apples, pumpkin spice, and of course Halloween and the temptation of endless “fun sized” candy and sweets!

In my latest article in Health and Wellness Magazine I discuss how to enjoy the magic that is Halloween season without sacrificing the healthy habits you’ve hard to keep up all year.

My top tips? Focus on:

  • Non-Food Items

Don’t underestimate how fun non-food treats are on Halloween. Think about fidget spinners, bouncy balls, bubbles, friendship bracelets, crayons or colored pencils/pens, balloons, water bottles, etc.

  • Healthier (but fun) Alternatives

No need to banish all the candy that defines Halloween, but there are plenty of fun Fall-themed treats that can become part of your tradition. Toasting pumpkin seeds, decorating and eating clementines/tangerines, baking whole grain pumpkin bread and pancakes, making popcorn balls, and munching on pretzels, and graham crackers are just a few ideas.

  • The Power of Movement

The beautiful Fall weather is the perfect setting to spend more time outdoors. Start some active Halloween traditions like heading to a corn maze, going on a hike at the local nature conservation, raking leaves, spending time at the farmer’s market, and going apple and peach picking.

  • Setting Limits

Some families find that limiting the time Halloween candy stays in the house (pre and post-holiday) is a great strategy to control sweet consumption, for kids and grown-ups alike. Limiting the amount of candy and donating the extra to organizations like Operation Shoebox or “buy-back” programs at dental offices and local businesses can also make setting limits a whole lot easier.













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