eating-habbits-opener-400x400Remember, you don’t have to skimp on flavor to enjoy your holiday and New Year celebrations with peace of mind! If you are cooking at home, try experimenting with new herbs, spices, and flavorful side dishes that don’t rely on salt, butter, or oils for flavor.
My other 4 major holiday tip reminders include:
(1) eat breakfast!
(2) exercise
(3) substitute higher quality, healthier ingredients in your favorite recipes, and
(4) manage portions
Before a big holiday event during the next week, try out eating a hearty breakfast and doing some physical activity before you celebrate. The key is to feel satisfied, but not too full, so you can enjoy holiday treats later in the day feeling positive and not deprived.
Remember, a big part of health involves being thankful and taking good care of yourself. You’ve only got one body! Indulge responsibly. To get more insight into my top 4 tips, check out my article on healthy holidays here.

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