It’s time once again for the yellow buses to fire up their engines and backpacks to be loaded with all the goodness that school brings!

While parents are either crying tears of joy or sadness at the departure of their kin, the chaos and busyness that comes with the school year is just around the corner. Taking the time now to plan for healthy meals can be an easy way to prioritize good nutrition. Even though packing school lunches may not always seem convenient, it ensures instant quality control, along with providing the choice of a wider variety of foods than the typical school lunch line–and who doesn’t like more options?

It is important that children are getting the right nutrition and proper amount of food. Whether they are in busy with band, sports, honors programs, or all of the above, every child’s needs are different. Families may find it beneficial to meet with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to understand the best nutritional composition for a child’s individual needs.

As a simple and general rule of thumb, everyone can follow the MyPlate method, which divides your plate into quarters-half is composed of fruits and vegetables, one quarter is a lean protein (3-4 ounces) and a quarter of your plate a whole grain. Visualize this plate at every meal and you’re on the right track to balanced and optimal nutrition! Add plenty of water and a dose of healthy fats, and boost  school grades and energy levels to help your child fuel their dreams and meet their goals!
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