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Eliza B. Mellion, M.S., RDN is a plant-based nutritionist who received her graduate degree in Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and completed her dietetic training through Simmons College.

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The Low-Down on the Safety of Soy Foods
In the last couple of years, the soybean and soy foods have been greeted with a health halo. Yet, the public often worries that this nutrient-rich plant is dangerous and […]

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet is really a testament to eating local, fresh, and proportionate to nutritional needs.
The geographical areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (think Italy, France, Spain, Morocco) were difficult to farm due to challenging terrain […]

Sumptuous Summer Smoothies for Joint Health

Are you suffering from joint pain?
Smoothies can be a convenient and tasty way to “up the ante” nutrition-wise in your diet, and may provide nutrients to support the health of your bones and joints.
This month […]

Top 5 Reasons to See an Integrative RDN

But first check out my previous post What Do Integrative Dietitian Nutritionists Do?

1.)    We’re here to help and listen. We don’t judge you for the choices you make, we work to educate you, find interventions, […]

What do Integrative Dietitian Nutritionists do?

Before addressing this common question ” What do integrative dietitian nutritionists do?”, let’s first clarify that while all dietitians are nutritionists, not all nutritionists are dietitians!
The three steps required to become a nationally credentialed registered […]

Do Physicians Need Nutrition Education?

Why Dietitians and Doctors Must Work Together
The state of nutrition education in medical schools is pretty grim, and several recent news stories have brought to light the reality of how little nutrition training med students […]

Do you workout with your spouse? Could you workout with your spouse?

How to workout with your spouse and enjoy it.
Our bodies are living vehicles transporting us through our daily lives. Just like our mechanical counterparts, our bodies require constant maintenance and care too (though of course […]